A summer wedding… and the weather was glorious!

Wedding invitation

From the moment of receiving the hand-crafted wedding invitation I should have known it was going to be a wonderfully laid-back, informal, family affair.

We were delighted to receive a wedding invitation from my cousin’s eldest son and future wife (I think technically that makes him my second cousin, but we just call each other cousins) for Saturday, 1st of August – yay a summer wedding to look forward to.

It was written on the calendar well in advance to ensure nothing got in the way of that celebration.

Woohoooo who doesn’t love a wedding; especially a summer wedding.

I can honestly say, we’ve never been to another wedding like it.  All weddings are lovely, romantic (yep I normally cry) and make you just want to hug everyone in sight, but this was a more relaxed wedding with a party to follow that was just wonderful.

The theme the bride and groom chose (though I have little doubt that a lot of the touches were the bride’s ideas; sorry Gary) was rainbow colours.

the flowers

the bride and groom

I loved that the older bridesmaids all had different coloured shoes with gorgeous bright posies to match (and boy oh boy where those shoes high).  They looked absolutely fab!

The littlees had different coloured sashes on their dresses and the paige boy had a lovely bright tie.

The groom and groomsmen all wore different coloured bright socks!  Such a great idea.



litle bridesmaid



The bride looked stunning and her dress had the most amazing detail – the groom scrubbed up quite well too.

at the church

I caught this photo of the lovely couple as they were about to head off to the party and I love it.  Got that kiss just right.

bride and groom in the car

the wedding car

The ceremony was lovely with proper traditional, but light hymns that most people knew and the vicar even had us all practicing before the bride arrived – she was a tad late so we had plenty of time to ensure we were all hitting the right notes!!

My cousin has a ‘bit of a thing’ (you might even call it a fetish) about Ghost Busters and they walked down the aisle as man and wife to the ghost busters theme tune – that really made everyone giggle.

The wedding itself was lovely, but it was the party and celebration afterwards that really touched me.

We headed off to a field.

the wedding field

The amount of thought and detail that had gone into the planning of the party was absolutely second to none.  I’m sure pretty much everything was thought of.

They wanted to create a sort of village fete party feel and they definitely achieved that.

There were hay bales with rugs, games to play including a coconut shy and giant jenga, space hoppers, a bouncy castle, home-made popcorn, cider on arrival, reams of hand-crafted bunting everywhere, hand-made candles and decorated jam jar holders, individual party bags for the children and the coloured theme even continued through to the straws…

coloured straws

bean bags



wedding cards


There was even a basket of assorted sized flip flops – taking into account all the ladies and their heels and being in the middle of a field!

flip flops

All the tables in the marquee were laid out beautifully and each was given a name based on a character from ghost busters (I’m thinking this was the groom’s influence lol) with a framed picture of the character.

But in the centre of the tables were the loveliest lollie trees (all in different colours obviously) that had been hand-crafted by the whole family.  This wedding was definitely a family affair with everyone helping in some way or another.

lollie tree

lollie tree

The adults definitely enjoyed the games just as much as the children.

space hoppers

wedding football

wedding games

I’m hoping my pictures tell the story much better than I’m able to describe it because it really blew me away the amount of thought and detail that went into making it such a great day and evening.

I’m so proud of my cousin too, who made the cake – she’s just amazing and what a wonderful gift to give your son and his bride on their special day.

On the top of the cake were two little replicas, right down to the bride’s tattoos and her dreamy dress.  As for the groom figurine, well he was kitted out ready to go bust some ghosts!

cake topper

My last photo is my favourite one that I managed to snap of my boys playing jenga together.  It’s a really natural one and you can see that they are having such great fun together – that makes me really happy.

giant jenga

A huge big thank you to Gary and Rachel for letting us share your special day with you – it really was amazing.

Have you been to a summer wedding this year and what was the theme, I’d love to know.

Carpe Diem x

My Captured Moment #11

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I love linking up with Heledd who blogs over at Running in Lavender for her weekly ‘My Captured Moment‘ linky.

For those not in the know, this is where you share a photo or a series of photos capturing a special moment in time – one or ones you don’t want to forget about.

Once again, I’ve chosen a series of photos for this week’s…

My Captured Moment #11

Lets play jenga...



I absolutely fell in love with these pictures when I downloaded them from my camera – my two boys; MrD and MasterB.  These really make me smile every time I look at them.

The boys playing jenga

We were lucky enough to attend a family wedding at the weekend where the ‘party’ was held in a huge field with a marquee and games – giant Jenga being one of them and the boys couldn’t wait to have a play.

It was a truly lovely day and I managed to snap away and take lots of lovely photos (I shall share some of these in a separate blog post), but for this captured moment I wanted to share these of my boys.

MrD and jenga



I hope you like them too – for me I know I’ll always treasure them.

Carpe Diem x

Running in Lavender

My Captured Moment #10

Each week I’m enjoying linking up with the gorgeous Heledd who blogs over at Running in Lavender for her weekly ‘My Captured Moment‘ linky.

This is where you share a photo or set of photos capturing a special moment in time – one or ones not to be forgotten about.

This week I’ve once again chosen a series of photos…

My Captured Moment #10

The wedding

The wedding

Awww I love this – clearly a deep conversation going on between daddy and son.

The wedding

… and they’re off.

These photos were taken at MrD’s sister’s wedding three years ago.  It was a March wedding and it was an absolute stunner of a day; it just got hotter and hotter as the day went on.  In fact I’d bought a new jacket to wear when we were in Milan and couldn’t even wear it that day as the weather was so unseasonably hot.  British weather eh?!

After the ceremony MrD and MasterB had a little mooch down by the river whilst the official photos were being taken.  I happened to catch these ones and I just love this little series of pics.

They’ve got such a bond and it shines out in these photos and every time I see them I smile.  How could I not?

It was a gorgeous wedding – made even better by Steve Backshall (yes you read that correctly ladies!!) coming to the evening party!!!  Made my day anyway…!!

MasterB even had his picture taken with his then hero as he avidly watched Deadly 60, so here’s a bonus pic from that day.


MasterB looking a little star struck bless him!

I love these pictures and hope you like them too.

Have a great day.

Carpe Diem x

Running in Lavender