My week in pictures #11

A while ago, I set myself a challenge to take at least one photo each day in an attempt to capture simple every day moments – the special moments that are sometimes forgotten and overlooked.

Then I’d share one of those with you as a peek into how my week panned out.

I think I missed last week, oooops, but here’s how last week looked … week commencing Monday, 22 June and photos go from top to bottom, left to right:


Monday:  MasterB showing off at swimming lessons with his hand-stands!

Tuesday:  MasterB and I had a date night down at the beautiful Sandbanks in Poole.  We are so lucky to live here.

Wednesday:  The pooch – very happy.

Thursday:  Chilling in the garden with my Red mag.

Friday:  It was a dull start to the day, so nothing to do, but admire my flowers at breakfast.

Saturday:  BBQ time!!

Sunday:  A friend of Kipster’s, Ted, celebrated his 10th birthday with a party!!

All in all a lovely week was had.  I hope you had a good one too.

Until next time.

Carpe Diem x

Weigh-in #18 … the surprise one!

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Although it feels like it’s still Sunday, it is of course Monday – here in the UK we’re enjoying the May day bank holiday – yay an extra long weekend.  With a Monday comes weigh-in day.

So before I give you the numbers, let me tell you a bit about my week.

I was really disappointed with my gain last week (which btw *whispers* was 2lb).  In fact I’ll go so far as to say I was gob smacked as well as being totally gutted.  I knew I hadn’t been absolutely 100% but I also hadn’t been awful and didn’t warrant, I felt, putting on 2lbs.

But I did and I had to live with that.  Unfortunately, I didn’t live with that very well.  I probably had the worst week since starting my weight-loss journey at the beginning of January.

I was prepared for at least a 2lb gain again this week.

Not good considering our holiday and with that my first mini-target (to lose 1stone) is now less than three weeks away.

There was, however, my second FitSteps class and I’m so pleased that I loved it just as much as the first one.  Such fun and I love that it brings back all my dancing memories.  If you haven’t read about that very first class, you can here.

You get the gist though – basically not a great week and expecting the worse.

So, here you have it:  Week 19 with my weigh-in #18 on Monday, 4 May

5lbweight loss

Yes, that’s 5lbs off and I’m very happy with that!  To date that’s a total of 11lbs.

The thing is it’s just too weird.  I honestly don’t understand how I can have lost 5lb last week.  Admittedly the week before I felt I shouldn’t have put on the 2lb, so let’s take one of those off, but even accounting for that it’s my biggest loss to date.

I have no idea what my body is playing at, but I just hope it doesn’t all pile back on this week.

I’m going to be as on it as I can be this week as maybe now I can still achieve that 1stone before we shoot off on holiday – that really would make my holiday even better.

I love the fact that there also appears to be a heart on my -5lb pic – coincidence?

Here’s to a good, positive week.

Carpe Diem x

If you’d like to catch up on my weight-loss journey from the beginning of January this year, you can visit my page here x

My week in pictures #7

Each week in an aim to capture simple every day moments, I set myself a challenge to take at least one photo each day.

I would then share just one of those with you all as a peek into how my week panned out.

Here’s last week’s #7 – this was the week commencing Monday, 20 April and photos go from top to bottom, left to right:

Weekly collage...

Monday:  The weather was lovely and I was sat outside having a cuppa at our little table and was inspired to take some photos of my pebble heart for my Getting to the heart of the matter series of posts.  Love this heart.

Tuesday:  The water bottle that came with me on my first FitSteps class – LOVED IT!!!

Wednesday:  Flowers make me happy.

Thursday:  A cheeky girl #Kipster – helping out at work but I think edging herself towards the treats on the shelf!

Friday:  My boys… oh and my girl… Xbox night!

Saturday:  Hello mog.

Sunday:  The Tedster – visited a lovely friend today and this is her boy – love that Ted.

Ahhhh it was a lovely week last week and I think the gorgeous weather has a huge impact; I know it certainly does with me.

I’m enjoying taking my daily pictures and then putting them into a collage – makes me appreciate the little daily things.

Until next time…

Carpe Diem x

The fitness class that could well change my life…

I think I may well have found the fitness class for me.

Water bottle

The one that’s going to revolutionize my fitness levels.

Help me to lose weight.

Start the toning process.

Allow me to dance and use my arms and hands expressively.

And give me a giggle all at the same time.

Last night I attended my first ‘FitSteps‘ class.

Now, I have to admit to having heard about FitSteps previously but I’ll be totally honest and tell you that I completely ignored it.  Assuming it to be a Step class – you know; box on the floor up up, down down blah blah blah.  Been there, done that many moons ago and not going back.  Anyway, my knees certainly wouldn’t thank me and anyway it’s bad impact on your body.

However, when a friend of mine told me about FitSteps, I knew I had to go along and find out for myself.

I wasn’t disappointed.

So, to explain – – – FitSteps is a fitness class based around the basic steps of ballroom and latin dances. The dances are broken down into learn-able sections and participants can work to the level they feel comfortable with.  I think that’s it in a nutshell.

WoooHoooo sounded fabby to me and being an ex-dancer RIGHT up my street!!

Many many moons ago I was a juvenile ballroom and latin dancer at competition level and I think once a dancer, always a dancer.  It’s in your blood.

Anyway, back to last night’s FitSteps class – our teacher, Helen was lovely and clearly a dancer.  She was bright, happy, enthusiastic and fun and explained the steps in a good easy to follow manner – in fact I’d say perfect for this type of class.

It was a pretty packed hall with myself and two other friends as newbies to the class, but we were made to feel so welcome.

The dances last night included the rumba (one of my favourites; a slow sensual dance of love), the cha-cha (naturally said in a very Craig like voice), the paso, salsa, waltz oh and the Viennese waltz and the jive (another favourite)… I think that was it, but not bad for a start out.

Oh and of course, you get to strut yer funky stuff with some cool tunes too!


Everyone in the class was there to have fun.  No-one looking at anyone-else to see if they were better than them, just pure dance/fitness fun.

And it all came flooding back to me too – Ooooooh I do love to dance. Such a shame I’m not as good as I used to be, but hey I can give it a go.

That’s why I’m thinking this may well be the thing for me – the class that’s going to literally turn my life around.  Last night for an hour, I worked out (in a FitSteps kinda way) without thinking about anything else (in my case 100% concentration was needed to follow the steps and be in the right place at the right time) and I even got a bit of a sweat on and the heart racing.

That’s got to all be good; right?

Yay!  Roll on next Tuesday night I say.

Carpe Diem x

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