DanTDM – YouTuber


I can honestly say, I’ve just had one of the most stressful half hours of my life!

True story…

Would you believe that DanTDM is a YouTuber – yes, that’s his actual job, it’s what he does (who’d have thought) and for those with children and tweens who are into, dare I say the word, Minecraft, they will know this young guy well I’m sure.

Just to put you in the picture DanTDM (don’t ask me what the TDM stands for because I have absolutely no idea) has 590k followers over on Twitter and over 10 million subscribers on YouTube *gulps* – now that’s a lot!

Stampy is long forgotten and these days it DanTDM all the way… MasterB even styles his hair on Dan’s and wants to go blue in the summer hols!!

Anyway the point of this is Dan announced his first ever tour earlier in the week and it’s all MasterB has been talking about since.

Looking at the dates, the only one we could make due to holidays was his last date in Milton Keynes, about a two and a half hour journey for us from home.  But I thought ‘what the hell, it’s something he’s excited about and can be an end of school year well done treat‘.

Little did I know the pressure I would be putting myself under!!!

The site was due to go live at 10.00am this morning and I was sat ready with my credit card to get straight on there and purchase the best seats I could possibly buy.

10.00am – site not live!

10.01am – site still not live!!

10.02am – site still not live – stressing now!!!

10.03am – site live!  Go, go, gooooo!!!!

I went straight to the Milton Keynes date matinee performance – SOLD OUT!  OMG what was I going to tell B?  I knew he wouldn’t believe me when I told him I literally got on the site as soon as it went live.  He’d think I was like blaaah blaaah blaaah bimbling around.  Aaaaarrrggghhhhh!

Quick thinking, made me look at the evening performance (the very last performance – is that what you call it, I have no idea?  I mean who ever thought I’d be buying tickets to go and see/watch a YouTuber on stage fgs?  What’s he going to be doing?).  No evening performance tickets left or VIP tickets (where the kids get to meet their hero with apparently a whole host of other cool stuff) – meanwhile I tweeted DanTDM (@DiamondMinecraft) in my panic and he replied with ‘VIP tickets sold extremely quickly!!‘ – you’re telling me!!!

Dan suggested trying the venue’s website directly for tickets as he believed they still had some left, so I swiftly opened a new tab and navigated my way around to find the show on the right day at the right time and …… Yippeeee I managed to nab myself TWO TICKETS in the stalls.

Woohoooo I cannot tell you the relief I felt.  I would be able to tell MasterB what a wonderful mother I was with my dedication to the cause and had secured two, not too bad, seats for DanTDM’s first tour!!!

Phewie!  A cup of tea was called for – had it been later than 10.30am in the morning I might possibly have poured myself a glass of Blush!

So Milton Keynes look out for us in August when we hot foot it up for the DanTDM first UK tour!

I will of course let you know how the DanTDM show/performance/thingy goes… but in the meantime if you tried to get tickets but didn’t manage to, my commiserations – I feel your pain.

Carpe Diem x






Parenting – probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do!


When you send them off to school having had words… how rubbish does that make you feel?

Reeeeaaaaally rubbish.

That thing with a tween when you ask and ask and A S K them to go finish getting ready and brush their teeth as they need to get going to school.

Yep – that.

Oh it’s so frustrating and annoying.

I don’t remember being like that, but maybe I was (I’m sure if my mum is reading this she’ll let me know) but there really is no sense of urgency – even at this age.

When does that kick in?

The thing about it is, it leaves you feeling so horrid.

And I’m pretty sure he feels pretty rubbish too.

It’s that pushing it and pushing it until I finally flip and shout!  I hate shouting, but sometimes it happens when I can ask no more and a switch is switched inside me and I lose it.

Then I feel eugh… and he feels eugh… we both feel eugh.

So the question here is, should all electronic equipment be banned from school mornings?  MasterB seems to have crept into the whole sitting and watching stuff on the iPad in the mornings.  Meaning he then puts off and off the going back upstairs to get read to get out the door! (that’s a shout-y voice by the way)

It’s something I’m considering because every single morning is the same and it’s tedious, it’s tiring and it makes me feel rubbish.

I’d love to know if you have to set ‘rules‘ for your tween on school mornings?

I love MasterB with all my heart, but boy oh boy can he be frustrating at times.

The good news is I can text him as he walks to school to let him know I love him and to have a good day.  Phew.  That makes me feel an incy wincy bit better, but there surely must be a better way.

This parenting thing sure is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

There, now I’ve got that off my chest, I shall continue with my day and await my gorgeous tween’s return from school … when we start it all over again.

Is it too early for Blush?

Carpe Diem x

My week in pictures #18

I’m here just a day late with ‘My week in pictures‘.

This is where, in a bid to take more photos, I set myself a little challenge to take at least one photo each day in an attempt to capture simple every day moments – those little moments that are sometimes forgotten and overlooked.  Sometimes the littlest things can actually turn out to be the most special.

I then choose one for each day and share them with you as a little peek into how my week panned out.  It’s my weekly visual feast.

I’m also over on Instagram where more of my daily photos appear – you can take a look at my gallery and follow me here if you like.

So here’s last week’s which commenced Monday, 5 October and photos go from top to bottom, left to right:

weekly collage

Monday:  MrD and I had a trip to West Quay in Southampton – strangely I was sat outside the men’s changing room in John Lewis!!  Make out of that what you will!

Tuesday:  Lunch at the gorgeous Stanwell House Hotel in Lymington – thoroughly recommended.

Wednesday:  Time for the autumn nails and scarves to make an appearance.  Loving this colour too.

Thursday:  MrD and I, oh and the pooch, had a gorgeous walk along the beach to Sandbanks.  The weather was great and I got some really nice pics on my phone – should have taken my big camera, grrrr!  You can read my a daycation to Sandbanks in Poole post for more pics.

Friday:  I received a Christmas bouquet from the lovely people at Prestige Flowers – yes you read that right, a Christmas bouquet.  Look out for a review post coming up on them soon.

Saturday:  My gorgeous MasterB who for once, let me take some quick (and I mean quick) snaps of him when out on a walk.

Sunday:  Ooops it was chocolates and a glass of good old Blush Sunday night whilst watching the tv.

Awwwww it was a great week all in all last week – MrD and I had some time off together and so it was all about spending quality time together.  Lovely – thank you.

Have a great week.

Carpe Diem x

When your tween decides to join in with the conversation…

Last night we went out to eat as a family, mostly due to the fact that our kitchen is currently being reinvented (a post about that will be coming soon once it’s finished *squeals*), but also as it’s the holidays it’s nice to go out as a treat every now and again.

Lovely… you’d think.

But that moment when you all sit down at the table and your tween folds his arms and has that face on.

You know the one?

The ‘I’m completely totally and utterly bored with this (already) and to be honest with you feel embarrassed to even been seen with you both.  The meal will no doubt completely and utterly under-whelm me and I can’t wait to get back home to my computer’.

Yep that one.

Oh great I thought to myself, I’ll have to make conversation with MrD whilst MasterB sits there sinking further into a tweenism – Oooh I just made that word up and rather like it.

But it all changed once the conversation turned to what we would be doing in the October half term – this includes his birthday.

Suddenly, MasterB came to life and I’d go so far as to say joined in rather excitedly.

It doesn’t really matter what the conversation was about, it was just sooo nice to see him animated, chatty, even smiley.  Hooray!  It made the whole dining experience so much more pleasant and I felt we all bonded as a family a bit more too.  It was like we were out with the younger B when he used to love going out to eat and would chat away the whole time.  Our happy lovely boy.  These days we’re lucky to get a nod in acknowledgement and a grunt here and there.

It seems that these tweenisms are inevitable and we just have to accept them for what they are … try to think back to when we were that age and have plenty of Blush on hand.

All joking aside, it was lovely to see my darling boy happy and chatty – yay!

My fun loving boy

My fun loving boy…

Are you having to deal with tweenisms?  How do you get through them… chocolate? wine? deep breaths?

I’d love to hear from you.

Carpe Diem x

The love/hate blogger challenge…

love flowers...

Firstly, oooops sorry to my lovely friend Lisa who blogs over at Into the Glade for taking sooooo long to take up the challenge on this one.

But I’m on it now…

The challenge is to quite simply list ten things you love and ten things you hate so that you can get to know each other a little better.  You then have to nominate other bloggers to do the same – or if you don’t blog it’s quite fun to do anyway and I’d love to know what yours are.

So, here’s mine:

Ten things I LOVE (in no particular order):

  1. My family
  2. The sunshine
  3. Our home including the garden
  4. Our pets – currently Kipster (the pooch) and Dilly (the mog)
  5. Our beach hut and living near the sea
  6. Dining out with friends and chatting over a good bottle of wine
  7. Hearing MasterB laugh his head off
  8. Flowers
  9. My car – shallow I know, but I do love my Evoque
  10. A nice deep, hot, bubbly bath, with candles and a nice glass of Blush

Ten things I HATE – a very strong word to use, so in this context I shall just say ‘things I dislike’ (in no particular order):

  1. Sprouts!!!!!  Yuck yuck and more yuck!
  2. On the food theme… liver!  Eugh!!!
  3. Rain and wind together!  Grrrrrr.
  4. When I’ve had my nails done and I chip them within ten minutes – soooo annoying!
  5. People who don’t ‘pick up’ after their dog
  6. Aggressive drivers
  7. When someone says they’re going to do something and they don’t
  8. Cold calls
  9. Being cold – makes me really miserable
  10. The never-ending cycle of cleaning, housework and ironing… boring

Now it’s my turn to nominate some other bloggers if you’d like to join in and if you lovely ladies have already done this, just send me over the link so I can take a looksee at yours…

I nominate

My Life My Love

Diary of a midlife mummy

The adventures of the Bown family

Mummy of boy girl twins

I look forward to reading them and if you’re not a blogger post me a comment with yours.

Carpe Diem x

The A – Z of me…

So, I was tagged by one of my blogging pals the lovely Lisa over at Into the Glade to do this post The A – Z of me.

Basically you have to say something about yourself using every letter of the alphabet with hopefully some sort of relevance somewhere along the line.

Yikes not sure how easy this is going to be especially when I get to Q and X!!

Let’s hope my links aren’t too tentative.

However, it’s a really lovely way to get to know other bloggers and also for you to get to know a bit more about me – assuming you want to of course.

So here goes…

A – ANTIGUA – yay we are off to the Caribbean on holiday for the first time in just over a week’s time.  Soooo excited!!

B – Of course has to be the name of our darling boy – BARNABY

C – We have a CAT; although more commonly known as the mog, but for this purpose I’ll be a little bit more polite about her.

D – If Barnaby had been a girl, he would have been called DARCY – I just love that name.

E – I drive a Range Roger EVOQUE and I absolutely love it.  I’m a lucky girl.

F – I normally buy myself a bunch of FLOWERS each week when I do my food shop.  I love having flowers in the home; they make me happy.  I don’t often get given a bunch of flowers these days *looks MrD’s way* so I figure I may as well buy them myself lol.

G – I love our GARDEN and spending time pottering around or simply just sitting and enjoying (gosh how old do I sound?).

H – The song HAPPY by Pharrell Williams is such a great song and I have it as my mobile ring tone.

I – I don’t do ICE-CUBES in my drinks (nope not even Pimms) – much too cold for me.  MrD thinks it’s weird, but sorry it’s the way I am!!

J – I love it when my bangles/bracelets JINGLE & JANGLE – sorry if this is a bit of a weak link, but I was struggling with ‘J’.  True story though, I love to jingle my bangles lol.

K – This one has to be the name of our little dog – KIPSTER of course.

L – I LOVE everything pink and sparkly and if there’s a bit of fluff thrown in, even better lol.

M – I’m a MUMMY!!  Oh my goodness… like when did that happen?  Wonder if you ever feel mature enough to be an actual mum for goodness sake?!

N – I have my NAILS done every two to three weeks.  For me it’s important my hands/nails look nice and I love choosing different colours for my nails.  In the summer it’s always some sort of pink and sometimes I have nail art on the ring fingers.

O – My lovely MrD and I got married in the month of OCTOBER as well as MasterB being born in OCTOBER too so it’s always a special month in our home.

P – One of the social media platforms I love is PINTEREST.  It’s an absolute visual feast and amazing for gathering inspiration.  You can visit my boards here if you like and get a real feel for what it’s all about.

Q – I enjoy having QUIET times.  It’s funny because when I was younger I found it difficult to cope with the quiet but now I literally embrace it.

R – I don’t like RATS and can’t even touch them.  Those tails EUGH!!

S – My lovely little blog is called SEIZE EACH DAY – the Latin aphorism being Carpe Diem taken from a poem in the Odes.  Seize the day was taken, so it became Seize each day.  At the end of December 2014 I knew I had to make certain changes in my lifestyle and I wanted to fully embrace the Carpe Diem attitude and hence my blog was born.

T – I like to have TWINKLY lights all over the house.

U – How amazing does it feel to have matching UNDERWEAR – always have to have white and white,  black and black or flesh tone with flesh .  Can’t be doing with this mix and match thing.

V – I can’t see me doing the whole VLOGGING thing (for those not in the know, that’s video blogging).  There’s some fab ones out there, but I really don’t have the confidence right now and not sure I ever will have.  And anyway, I sound awful when I hear myself and couldn’t put you all through that!

W – The WORLD-WIDE-WEB – what would we ever do without it?

X – MrD has to take X-RAYS as part of his job being a vet.  I know that’s not me, but I am married to him!!

Y – I’ve been a bit of a YO-YO dieter for a lot of my adult life, grrrrr!  You can read about my weight-loss journey here if you’d like to find out more.

Z – ZIPPERDY do daaa, zipperdy day, my oh my what a wonderful day!  One of my favourite little songs to sing when I’m feeling happy.  Yep I know … mental!

A-Z of me...

Wow that was hard!  Hopefully my answers aren’t too woolly.

I think I’m now supposed to nominate some other blogging pals, although I know a lot have already done their A-Z’s.  So to the following ladies, if you’ve already done yours let me know and I’ll take a peek at your blog.

If you haven’t and you’d like to play along, yay and I I look forward to reading yours – let me know you’ve done it though!

So without further ado I nominate the following:

Would love to hear yours ladies…

Carpe Diem x

50 things that make me happy …

50 Happy things...

I’ve seen a few of these posts ‘50 things that make me happy‘ on other blogs that I love to read and follow and one of my fave blogs over at My Love, My Life with Ali posted her top 50 things that make her happy.

A lovely read too.

She tagged any other blogging pals that wanted to join in … so I thought why not, so here’s mine:

1.  My gorgeous boy Barnaby

2.  My darling husband – 17 years and counting

3.  The friendship and love that I have with my dearest mum

4.  Sunny days – I live for the sunshine

5.  A night or two away with MrD

6.  Having my sister closer to me geographically in the last two years

7.  Pink – anything and everything

8.  Sparkly things

9.  Hot and relaxing holidays

10.  Malibu and coke with a slice of lemon

11.  Ant and Dec

12.  My beautiful home

13.  Kipster our gorgeous border terrier

14.  My blog – it’s like my little baby

15.  Bags – any kind

16.  Scarves

17.  Playing fab tunes really loud

18.  A cold glass of Pinot Blush

19.  Our beach hut

20.  Barnaby reading beautifully

21.  Christmas decorations

22.  Beautifully wrapped presents

23.  Giving

24.  Gogglebox – soooo funny and always lightens my mood

25.  Drying the washing on the line

26.  Fresh clean white bed linen

27.  Having no ironing in the ironing pile

28.  My beautiful friends

29.  Glorious walks in the sunshine, with the pooch of course

30.  Taking a fabulous photo

31.  Having my nails done

32.  Listening to Michael Jackson

33.  Getting into my car – I LOVE it

34.  The shutters throughout our home

35.  When Barnaby gets a fit of the proper giggles

36.  When Barnaby has a good lie-in

37.  Spending the day with my mum and sister doing ‘stuff’

38.  Having perfectly manicured and painted toe-nails

39.  Decorating the Christmas tree

40.  The friends I have made through the #BTPosse – they know who they are

41.  When people comment on my blog

42.  Learning new things about blogging

43.  Our garden furniture

44.  Candles – preferably gorgeous smelling ones

45.  A good unbroken night’s sleep

46.  An unexpected text or contact from a friend that makes my day

47.  Barnaby saying the words ‘I love you mummy’

48.  Seeing the scales going down in numbers rather than up

49.  Bangles and bracelets

50.  Being with my family and friends above all else in the sunshine, perhaps with a BBQ and a glass of Blush

That was quite an easy list to come up with – it’s a really good exercise to make you think about the daily things that make you happy and appreciate even those most smallest of things.

Why not have a go yourself or just list your top five – I’d love to hear them … x

Carpe Diem x

Mums' Days