Sweet peppers… our homegrown produce

Humour me on this one.

We’re very excited in our household by our homegrown produce this year.

It’s been pretty much an overall success and as complete novices at this game, we’re quite pleased with ourselves.

I give you … the teeny tiny sweet peppers!

Ta da!

sweet orange peppers

Oh yes and there’s some tomatoes thrown in there too.  They’re just finishing up but have been really nice (though not hugely prolific), but the tiny ones you can see were like popping sweeties in your mouth.

Back to the gorgeous peppers for now as that’s what this post is about.

sweet orange peppers

We haven’t tried growing peppers before, but thought we’d give it a go this year and bought our seeds back around April/May time I’m thinking.  We just thought, let’s have a go and see what happens.  We went for the smaller ones as they’re known for being sweeter and I can confirm that they definitely are.  They’re yummy.

sweet orange peppers

It occurred to us, that it’s purely down to when you pick them as to their colour and taste.  Sorry if that sounds obvious, but hey who knew?!

They start out green, turn yellow, then orange and then red.

We’ve really enjoyed these orange ones.

sweet orange peppers

We’ve loved having them in salads – they really are sweet and tasty – as well as in stir fry’s.

We’ll definitely be growing sweet peppers again next year.

sweet orange peppers

Have you had any luck with a homegrown crop this year?  What’s grown the best for you?

Carpe Diem x

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I have nothing to wear… the A/W15 overhaul

A/W15 nails and scarves

Moving in to new seasons is all very well and good – apart from the fact that we’ve just moved out of of MY season and even that was a bit of a damp squid and very disappointing – but the problem is I’m faced with nothing to wear!!

So despite the fact I have a double wardrobe and a half and two drawers in our spare bedroom, two double rails, four large drawers and five cubby-hole thingys in our bedroom and two large baskets under the bed stuffed with clothes, I’m faced with going into autumn with not much to wear.  Or am I?

Summer is definitely my time of year.  I’ve said it before – I was made for the sunshine.  I love nothing better than having the beautiful sun on my face and this is when I definitely thrive.

Having said that, I also enjoy autumn.  Several special things happen in our family during the autumn months which make it an exciting time of the year; it’s MasterB’s birthday (11 this year, yikes) and MrD and my Wedding Anniversary (wow, 16 years) both in October.  I love the colours during this season, particularly the outdoor ones – watching the leaves turn those gorgeous red, orange and yellow colours.  They make for such fab photos too!

Autumn isn’t as cold as winter either, so that’s always a winner in my books.

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly will know I LOVE scarves – a girl can never ever ever have too many scarves as far as I’m concerned and during the autumn winter months scarves form part of my capsule wardrobe.  I will always be seen with a scarf draped around my neck/shoulders… *dreams of new colour combinations that are needed*.

Anyway I digress…

I feel a bit of a detox coming on.

You know one of those clothes’ detoxes that make you feel lighter and happier and able to see more easily.  I think the time has come to be realistic about what items are in my wardrobe space, that, let’s be honest, are never ever going to be worn again.

I’m never going to be a size 8 again *sighs deep sigh* and so those tiny tops might as well go.  Those 12 pairs of jeans, that  quite frankly, even if I could get into them are likely to be the wrong cut, wrong colour, wrong length and a 100 other things.  So they might as well go in the detox black bin liner too,

But how hard is that?

Yikes, it’s going to be a hard one, but one that I know needs to be done.

To be honest with you, come each morning as I prepare to choose what to wear for the day, it’s a bit of a push everything to one side to try and see what’s hanging there that I can actually physically wear.  Not a great start to the day.

I guess I’m thinking/hoping that by carrying out a wardrobe detox I’ll see that I have in fact got lots of lovely autumn/winter clothes.  That fit and everything!

Wish me luck.

If not, then I feel a shopping spree coming on…

Do you detox your wardrobe?  How good does it make you feel?

Carpe Diem x

When you’re put on hold and subjected to one of those awful recorded messages… that!

on hold

I’m not a moaner by nature.

Or at least I hope I’m not.  I certainly try not to be.

But right now I’m gonna have a great big whinge and moan.

Here’s the situation.

So, yesterday I was trying to get through to the doctors.  Having been rather disorganised (that’s a whole other blog post) and not re-ordering a couple of repeat prescriptions I needed and having changed doctors fairly recently not yet being authorised to order repeats on-line, I phoned them.

I was eighth in the queue.

Ok, well that’s not so bad (one assumes) and I go on hold whilst listening to some awful recorded message.

35, yes 35 minutes later I’m still number eight!  How can that be?  Oh, and I’m still listening to the same awful and I mean awful recorded message (which is clearly on repeat and soooooooo annoying!!).  Even MasterB kept coming out to the kitchen to ask what on earth the same repeated message was all about (me having put my phone on speaker so I could potter about and do other things… as well as live tweet my experience – @SammyDevlin1 on Twitter btw if you want to follow me over there).

Time is literally ticking away and I become number five in the queue.  I really don’t know what on earth the receptionists are talking about on the other end of the line.  I mean how long does it take to make an appointment?

To cut a very long and extremely frustrating story short, I fast forward you to one hour and one minute exactly.  I kid you not; it took that long for the phone to be answered.  When I was at 40 minutes and by then number three there was absolutely no way I was going to hang up!!

So at one hour and one minute I literally yelled ‘yippeeee I’m through‘.

To promptly be cut off!!!!!!!

Noooooo!  I literally could not believe that this could and had happened.

What an absolutely awful experience.

I mean seriously, can you imagine if this was the private sector.  How would that make you feel and would you be going back?  For me I would have to say my answer would more than likely be no.

And yet, this was my experience from my doctor’s surgery and I have no choice but to either telephone them again, or not risk it and pay them a visit in person.

The sad thing is, having only recently changed my doctor’s surgery, as I felt I wasn’t getting the support I needed for several conditions I have, it doesn’t bode well.

Today, I popped into my new surgery to put in my repeat prescription request and briefly explained my last night’s experience.  I thought this was important purely as feedback from a patient, which I hoped would be passed on to the practice manager.  I mean after all if no-one says anything, how will they know?

Funnily (!!) enough the receptionist said I wasn’t the first person to mention how awful the recorded message was!!

Let’s hope my experiences with them improves.

Moan over *sighs*.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Carpe Diem x

Sunshine, happy dog and Segways – I give you Upton Country Park

It’s Friday… yay and the sun is shining here in Dorset… double yay!!

I hope it is with you too.

The pup and I went out on a glorious walk this morning – the sun was shining and it felt good to be alive with that sun on my face.  Kipster was loving it too and was hopping and skipping which she does when she’s really happy.

I wrapped up warm thinking it would be quite chilly out, but in fact it was warmer than I thought so ended up taking my scarf off.

We pootled off to lovely Upton Country Park, which luckily for us is a five minute drive in the car.  I love it there and so does Kipster and they’ve introduced a new area to the park which allows dogs off lead, which is great.

Upton House through the woods

We saw this group of lovely ladies off on a Segway tour of the park – they were having such a giggle it was contagious and I just had to get a couple of snaps of them.

Segways at Upton House

… and off they go

Segways at Upton House

We did Segways when we were in Antigua in May and it really is such fun.  You should try it if you haven’t had a go.

It was such a glorious walk this morning I thought I would simply share some pictures with you that I took along the way…

Kipster on the bridge

Check out the dainty paw…

Kipster going for a paddle

Kipster paddling

Not sure how far to go…

Kipster paddling

Searching for those ducks – not sure where they’ve gone?

Kipster paddling

sheep at Upton House

Spot the Kipster!

spot the Kipster

The view up through the trees was a wonderful sight (though this doesn’t do it justice).

up through the trees

Upton House

After a lovely walk Kipster was back in the car and ready to head home.  She knows she gets a chew when she gets back so think she was keen to get going; cheeky madam.

Kipster in the car

The lovely thing about having a dog, is it gets you out and about and when the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and you’ve got a happy pooch running around sniffing all the good sniffs there’s nothing better.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend and long may that sun shine.

Carpe Diem x

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What’s in our greenhouse…

I’m loving our greenhouse.

We’ve never had one before, so it’s a bit of a novelty to be honest.

I should start out by saying ours isn’t what you’d call a normal or traditional kind of greenhouse.  Yes, we do grow things in it and have had some quite good successes, but it’s turned into a bit more than just a glass house for growing seeds and tomatoes etc.  In fact it’s almost a mini-craft room.

Here’s why…

It’s a great place for storing and displaying our array of painted pebbles.

painted pebbles

I mean after all, where else are they going to go?

painted pebbles

We collect interesting (and good sized) pebbles and shells wherever we go.  You can do all sorts with them, as well as just stacking them and feeling them.  I’m a very touchy feely kind of person and love the feel of smooth pebbles; it’s very therapeutic.

stacking pebbles

I just love stacking pebbles.

I was determined when we moved to our current house three years ago, that the greenhouse wouldn’t be just any old boring greenhouse and would house lots of lovely things.  This includes my collection of bottles – again, where else would they go?  I love interesting and different bottles and keep them if we’ve had a bottle of wine that’s come in a nice shaped bottle.  Friends also save these for me as they know it’s something I like to keep.  MrD is delighted about this as you can imagine.

collecting bottles

I love my boxes for all my bits.  I repeat my bits as MrD is not allowed to touch anything that lives in these.  He has a habit of taking things and not putting them back where they belong which does become rather annoying.  Especially when you know you have that little pair of garden scissors for cutting flowers and they’re not there!  Aaarrgghhhh!!

the greenhouse

On display in the greenhouse is also some clay work that took place at last year’s Larmer Tree festival – MrD made me this gorgeous flower and MasterB attempted a pot.  Hmmmm it’s a bit worse for wear I’m thinking.  The plan was to paint these, but not sure they’re now in a fit state to be painted, and anyway I rather like them as they are.


painted plate

Now of course everyone knows that every greenhouse HAS to have bunting … it may be a little grubby (well it is a greenhouse you know) with spots of algae and a bit sun-bleached, but it still adds a pretty touch.  A lovely friend of mine has offered to make me some new bunting for the greenhouse so once that’s up I’ll show you a picture.

greenhouse bunting

For those of you who read my blog regularly you’ll know I have a deep seated love for hearts so a few hearts pop up in the greenhouse too.


Oh yes and the mog obviously has a bed out here too – she spends most of the daytime out here.  If I was a cat I probably would too; what could be better than chilling out in the sunshine with pretty ‘things’ all around you *sighs*.


This glass flower sun reflector was given to me by a friend and I thought this was the perfect place to hang it – it gets a little bit of draft from the window and twinkles in the sunshine.

glass flower

We do actually have proper living things growing in our greenhouse too – yup, edible things too!

We had a successful crop of cucumbers and tomatoes last year, which we have repeated this year.  And new to this year is small sweet peppers – we are yet to try any of these, but I can’t wait.

There’s nothing better than eating homegrown – it’s just the best.


homegrown cucumber

I love our little greenhouse, but writing this post has made me realise I need to give it a bit of a tidy up… ooops, I’m on it.

Do you have a greenhouse?  What’s in yours?  Is it conventional or are you more like me and like to put a little twist on it?

Carpe Diem x

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My weight-loss journey and Thinking Slimmer / post #21

weight loss journey

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last weight-loss post.

This has been for a number of reasons:

  1. motivation has been evading me
  2. I’ve not been ‘feeling it
  3. a feeling of complete and utter failure has swept over me
  4. my self-esteem is low
  5. realising this is going to be really hard work and
  6. our scales decided to pack up!!

Having purchased a nice new shiny pair of scales I jumped back on to see yet more fluctuations in my weight, bringing my total weight-loss to date to 4lbs *sighs* not good.

I’ve been feeling quite down about the whole thing and wondering to myself where do I go from here, as clearly something needed to change in order to re-ignite my passion and my commitment to losing the weight.

….. enter Thinking Slimmer …..

It’s funny how sometimes things just happen upon us.  Just when we need it most.

I truly believe that things happen for a reason – there’s always a lesson to be learned even if we don’t know it or understand it at the time.

So feeling very down about my lack of losing weight I was thrilled (and relieved to be honest) to be chosen to join a focus group with Thinking Slimmer for a six week programme.

Obviously, I headed straight to their website for a look around where it stated:

Just imagine: No more yo-yo diets. No more feeling guilty. No more snacking. No more misery.

You’ll be in control of food. It’s easy, effortless and fits in with your busy life. All you have to do is listen.

Feeling quite positive about what I was reading, I thought yep this is definitely worth a try.  There’s nothing to lose… but lbs!

So, with the support of a focus group on Facebook and downloading my two slimpods to re-tune my mind and help me to make healthy lifestyle choices I’m back on track.  I chose ‘Drop two dress sizes’ and ‘Beat that sweet-tooth’ (yes I have a very sweet tooth) for my slimpods – these are available as both downloads and cd’s for ease.

So I’m back.  I’m feeling positive and motivated and I am going to achieve my goal.  It may take a while but I’ll get there.

I’m now on day two and I’ve already made healthier choices… like not munching on MasterB’s left-over sandwich in his lunch-box and turning down a glass of Pimms.

Things are on the up and I can’t wait to start seeing the changes.

Please stick with me on my journey and if you’re trying to lose weight too, I’d love to hear how you’re doing it.

So from now on I shouldn’t be shying away from my weekly weigh-in post, I hope to be shouting about it lol!

Carpe Diem x

PS:  Oh and if you wanted to give it a go yourself, Trevor Silvester has THE most scrummy voice like ever!!!

If you’d like to read my weight-loss journey so far, you can do that here x

Disclosure: For the purpose of joining a six week programme, focus group and review, Thinking Slimmer sent me two slimpods.  However, all opinions are 100% honest and are my own.

My weight-loss journey continues … #20

stop faffing

I thought it was time for one of my healthy lifestyle weigh-in posts.

For those who regularly read my blog and my posts about my weight-loss journey in particular, you’ll know that I had set myself a mini-target to lose a minimum of one stone before our holiday in May.

I didn’t make it.

Things didn’t go to plan, but I was determined it wouldn’t spoil our holiday to the beautiful island of Antigua.  And it didn’t.  We had a great time and I didn’t stress about my weight.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t have loved to have been one stone lighter of course.

I was really pleased to only put on 2lb’s on holiday – all things considered I didn’t think that was too bad.

Now I’ll be totally honest… since being back from hols I haven’t really been able to focus 100% for some reason and I’ve been fluctuating week to week.

Put on, lose, put on, lose blah blah blah…

So I need to seriously re-focus my mind and get back on it.

I don’t want to be over-weight.  It makes me unhappy.  It’s unhealthy.  And I don’t like myself because of it.  And it’s not a good example to set for young MasterB.  He calls me his ‘squidgy marshmallow‘ – it’s a term of endearment when he’s snuggling into me, but let’s be honest, it’s probably not the best words to describe your mum.

Only I can change it and turn things around.

So, here we go again.

My weigh-in this week showed a 1lb gain on last week (where I had stayed the same).  That put’s my total weight loss to date at 5lb.

Not great, but 5lb’s is 5lb’s, so that’s my starting point this week.

I’m going to achieve a loss this week.

In the words of one of my dear blogging pals, the lovely Lucy at Mrs H’s Favourite things, I’m going to stop faffing, and start doing!!

Are you struggling to focus?  Any wise words of wisdom?

Carpe Diem x

My weigh-in #19 and the truth!


I haven’t posted a weigh-in post for a little while.

This is mostly because the numbers were going in the wrong direction.

Up not down.

And this was subsequently getting me down and I just didn’t feel like writing about it.

I had set my original mini-target to lose a minimum of 1stone before our holiday at the end of May to Antigua – unfortunately I didn’t achieve this.  In fact far from it and if I’m honest I felt a complete failure.

I don’t know what went wrong, but the weight just wasn’t coming off and although I didn’t give up just before hols, I didn’t have the same determination because I felt like I had already failed.

Not good.

I still feel fairly de-motivated if I’m honest – having put on 2lbs during our holiday (which I thought wasn’t too bad all things considered) I was surprised when I hopped on the scales this week to find I hadn’t lost.  I know for a fact I didn’t eat as much last week as I did on holiday so it just doesn’t make sense to me.  Excuse me whilst I ‘Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

So, to bring you bang up-to-date, for ease let’s call this weigh-in #19 (Monday, 1 June) – a 2lb gain bringing my total weight loss to date to – – – 5lbs.

That’s pretty rubbish when you think about it and not one I’m proud of … but I guess the good news is at least I’ve lost something since the beginning of the year.

I’m not going to give up and I’m still determined to lose the weight, although it’s obviously going to be a lot longer and harder road than I had first thought.

I’ve stopped somewhere along the road keeping a food diary, so I need to re-start that – writing everything single thing down that I eat and drink.  That in itself is my target for this coming week.  I’ll let you know if I stick to it.

I always thought mini-targets were a good idea.  Maybe they’re not and put too much pressure on?  What do you think?  Thoughts and ideas are welcome to help me get my mojo back on.

Carpe Diem x

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Weigh-in #18 … the surprise one!

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Although it feels like it’s still Sunday, it is of course Monday – here in the UK we’re enjoying the May day bank holiday – yay an extra long weekend.  With a Monday comes weigh-in day.

So before I give you the numbers, let me tell you a bit about my week.

I was really disappointed with my gain last week (which btw *whispers* was 2lb).  In fact I’ll go so far as to say I was gob smacked as well as being totally gutted.  I knew I hadn’t been absolutely 100% but I also hadn’t been awful and didn’t warrant, I felt, putting on 2lbs.

But I did and I had to live with that.  Unfortunately, I didn’t live with that very well.  I probably had the worst week since starting my weight-loss journey at the beginning of January.

I was prepared for at least a 2lb gain again this week.

Not good considering our holiday and with that my first mini-target (to lose 1stone) is now less than three weeks away.

There was, however, my second FitSteps class and I’m so pleased that I loved it just as much as the first one.  Such fun and I love that it brings back all my dancing memories.  If you haven’t read about that very first class, you can here.

You get the gist though – basically not a great week and expecting the worse.

So, here you have it:  Week 19 with my weigh-in #18 on Monday, 4 May

5lbweight loss

Yes, that’s 5lbs off and I’m very happy with that!  To date that’s a total of 11lbs.

The thing is it’s just too weird.  I honestly don’t understand how I can have lost 5lb last week.  Admittedly the week before I felt I shouldn’t have put on the 2lb, so let’s take one of those off, but even accounting for that it’s my biggest loss to date.

I have no idea what my body is playing at, but I just hope it doesn’t all pile back on this week.

I’m going to be as on it as I can be this week as maybe now I can still achieve that 1stone before we shoot off on holiday – that really would make my holiday even better.

I love the fact that there also appears to be a heart on my -5lb pic – coincidence?

Here’s to a good, positive week.

Carpe Diem x

If you’d like to catch up on my weight-loss journey from the beginning of January this year, you can visit my page here x

Weigh-in #17 at week 18…


‘You are what you think you are’ …

How true is that.

I totally believe the saying and it can actually have a huge impact on you personally.

Unfortunately, for me, at this moment in time, I am having a hard time in believing in myself in a positive way and I guess the saying can also have a negative affect.

It’s like I’m believing I’m over-weight and gonna stay that way, I’m waaaay post-40 and feeling it … and so fueling these thoughts and making them worse.

So what’s gone on this week?

Well, I actually thought it wasn’t too bad a week and I sat down with my lovely mum last Friday morning over a cuppa and had one of our girlie chats.

It was all good.  All positive.  We were both ‘on it‘ so far as the healthy eating was concerned and feeling up-beat about life.

In true Paul McKenna style, I allowed myself to sort of eat what I wanted when I wanted and admit to a cadbury’s chocolate egg and a couple of pieces of MrD’s Easter toblerone Saturday evening (well he did offer).  No alcohol passed my lips until Friday evening when I only had 1 1/2 glasses of wine and the same Saturday evening – I was quite pleased with that.  No alcohol Sunday.

Time for the scales to come out of the closet … Day 119 (!!!) Monday, 27 April – Week 18 … a gain.

Extreme disappointment, anguish, disappointment, anger at myself, disappointment, unbelieving and yet more disappointment washed over me.  I’ll even admit to a few tear pricks.

Not a good start to my day.

I was on a real downer.

What was the point?

What on earth was I doing wrong?


How can this be happening?

I’m a failure!

Just a few of the thoughts going through my mind.

A bit later in the day, I had time to catch up with a few of the blogs that I like to follow.

A couple of posts I came across really resonated with me and it reminded me ‘You are what you think you are’.

One of the blog posts was from Honest Mum Be who you want to be‘ –

Although Vickie of Honest Mum is talking about her career in this particular post it applies to all areas of your life.

She said:

I could be whomever I wanted to be, whenever I wanted, on my terms and in my time, and as with creativity, titles are always in flux and I could appropriate many.

It was just down to me.

Yes the internet is democratic, the playing fields have expanded, but in any area, you have the choice to create the job and life you want to lead.

So tell yourself the same, in the mirror, on paper, or in your head if you prefer, that you are exactly you want to be- an author, a designer, an entrepreneur, a painter, a writer, a blogger-now go tell the world.

The time is now…

All day I’ve been thinking lots and lots and know that only I can change this and that my perception of ME also has to change before I can move forward.

There’s a lot of work to do and unfortunately for me I’m not going to have reached the target I set myself for our amazing holiday to Antigua (just three weeks now, woohoo but boo on the weight front).

However that’s still three weeks to be positive and ensure I am making healthy choices during that time.

I’m going to do my best.

Does anyone-else really struggle with the whole weight loss thing and have any other good tips to pass on.  I’m all ears.

Carpe Diem x

To find out how my weight-loss journey has gone from week one, you can read my up-dates here…

The fitness class that could well change my life…

I think I may well have found the fitness class for me.

Water bottle

The one that’s going to revolutionize my fitness levels.

Help me to lose weight.

Start the toning process.

Allow me to dance and use my arms and hands expressively.

And give me a giggle all at the same time.

Last night I attended my first ‘FitSteps‘ class.

Now, I have to admit to having heard about FitSteps previously but I’ll be totally honest and tell you that I completely ignored it.  Assuming it to be a Step class – you know; box on the floor up up, down down blah blah blah.  Been there, done that many moons ago and not going back.  Anyway, my knees certainly wouldn’t thank me and anyway it’s bad impact on your body.

However, when a friend of mine told me about FitSteps, I knew I had to go along and find out for myself.

I wasn’t disappointed.

So, to explain – – – FitSteps is a fitness class based around the basic steps of ballroom and latin dances. The dances are broken down into learn-able sections and participants can work to the level they feel comfortable with.  I think that’s it in a nutshell.

WoooHoooo sounded fabby to me and being an ex-dancer RIGHT up my street!!

Many many moons ago I was a juvenile ballroom and latin dancer at competition level and I think once a dancer, always a dancer.  It’s in your blood.

Anyway, back to last night’s FitSteps class – our teacher, Helen was lovely and clearly a dancer.  She was bright, happy, enthusiastic and fun and explained the steps in a good easy to follow manner – in fact I’d say perfect for this type of class.

It was a pretty packed hall with myself and two other friends as newbies to the class, but we were made to feel so welcome.

The dances last night included the rumba (one of my favourites; a slow sensual dance of love), the cha-cha (naturally said in a very Craig like voice), the paso, salsa, waltz oh and the Viennese waltz and the jive (another favourite)… I think that was it, but not bad for a start out.

Oh and of course, you get to strut yer funky stuff with some cool tunes too!


Everyone in the class was there to have fun.  No-one looking at anyone-else to see if they were better than them, just pure dance/fitness fun.

And it all came flooding back to me too – Ooooooh I do love to dance. Such a shame I’m not as good as I used to be, but hey I can give it a go.

That’s why I’m thinking this may well be the thing for me – the class that’s going to literally turn my life around.  Last night for an hour, I worked out (in a FitSteps kinda way) without thinking about anything else (in my case 100% concentration was needed to follow the steps and be in the right place at the right time) and I even got a bit of a sweat on and the heart racing.

That’s got to all be good; right?

Yay!  Roll on next Tuesday night I say.

Carpe Diem x

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My weekly weigh-in #17


It’s Monday which means it the time of the week for the scales to come out.

I stand before them each week and more often than not mutter ‘pleeeeease‘ … although of course by that time it’s waaaaay tooooo late.

It was the same this morning.

So, how did I do? – – – weigh-in at week 17, day 112, Monday, 20 April:

On I hop – stayed the same – get back off feeling deflated and useless all over again.

The last two weeks have been half term for us and with lots of days out and friends over it has been hard.  I know I should have the willpower, self-discipline etc etc but I suppose the honest answer is; I don’t.  Well I didn’t over the last two weeks anyway.

It’s not good enough and I feel like I’ve let myself down big time.  By now I should have been well on my way to at least one stone and to be honest I was really hoping for more.

However, I’m still at that niggling 8lb loss.

8lb’s is 8lb’s and I’m not knocking that obviously, but …….


Ok, so it’s a new week and even though I didn’t lose last week I’m feeling positive about the week ahead.

I am setting myself a mini-target this week of 2lb. 

One friend has already told me that if I don’t hit the 2lb target my wine privileges for the next week will be removed.  Harsh I felt, but probably necessary.

I’ve had lots of good advice from friends, both personally and here on my blog over the last couple of weeks and for that I am really really grateful – thank you.  It means so much to me that you are all sticking by me and giving me your best advice to try and help.

In the words of another friend:

Remember that food is effectively medicine.

Question your choices by asking yourself what nutrients, vitamins and minerals you are actually putting in, is it enough, are they the right mix of nutrients that your body needs in the day to build, repair and maintain your cells!

If the choice has little goodness then change it before it hits the lips!

You only have one body …..look after it!

Totally taking that on board – food is effectively medicine – such a good analogy.

So here’s to the new week – bring it on!

Carpe Diem x

Ps: oh yes, the two photos although totally unrelated to my weight-loss journey are of a lovely tree right outside our house.  Quite simply, it makes me happy and I smile every time I see it with such pretty blossom on it – long may it last (nasty wind and rain please stay away).  So I thought I’d share it with you all x

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Week 16 weigh-in…

Yesterday was that time of the week for my ‘weekly weigh-in‘.

I have to be honest (as that’s what this blog is all about) and admit that last week wasn’t the best all round.  For some reason I wasn’t feeling it and so I’ll come clean about the fact that a few naughties passed my lips and no doubt headed straight down onto my hips!

So let’s get on with it – – – Day 105, Monday, 13 April – – – a 1lb gain.

Total loss to date:  8lb.

I’m  not at all surprised and not even upset as I knew there would be a gain – I hadn’t been good enough to maintain and certainly not to lose.  In fact I was pleasantly surprised that it was only a 1lb gain.

Not good though and I MUST TRY HARDER!!!!!  I’m also realising that I’m not drinking as much water so I must make a special effort to start drinking more.

I feel like I’m letting myself down and need to shake this.

Let’s see what I can do this week and hope for a better result.

Carpe Diem x

To find out how my weight-loss journey has gone from week one, you can read my up-dates here…

Week 15 weigh-in and the food diary…

As promised from my previous weigh-in, here’s my brief daily diary for last week:

Monday:  Not too bad a day food wise, although having been food shopping and bought in supplies of hot cross buns (well it is Easter at the end of the week / weekend) I had to give them the taste test with a cup of tea.

Had a nice walk with the pooch in the sunshine so hopefully burnt off those calories. Idiot; should have put Runkeeper on – must remember next time.

Tuesday:  A good day and took two healthy fruit options to munch on at work.  Question:  Yes or No to bananas – I read such conflicting views and I really don’t know if I should or I shouldn’t?!

Healthy fruit option

Wednesday:  A busy day out and about and didn’t even stop for a Costa.  Later pm went a little bit off plan…

Thursday:  Flapjack in the kitchen at work – had two small squares with a cup of tea.

Friday:  Good Friday and had family over for the day.  We had a very healthy salmon bake for lunch which was yum, but was followed by an extremely unhealthy but delish trifle that mum made.

Feeling I have lost the plot at the moment and am, if I’m honest, dreading the next few days of Easter.  On a positive – only one glass of wine.

Saturday:  Not too bad a day food wise I don’t think.  Two vodka oj’s which I think is less calories than wine.

Sunday:  Up to the Outlaws for an over-nighter and LOTS OF FOOD.  It has to be said that my mother-in-law is a good cook and likes nothing more than feeding her tribe.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any self control when food is in front of me… and looks and smells sooooo yummy.

Being a complete blonde bimbo at times, I forgot that it was Easter this week and that with having successfully completed my giving up chocolate for Lent, that I might (more than likely) be wanting to partake in a little bit of chocolate to celebrate my achievement.

Easter chocolate bunny

Derrrrr!  Subsequently it wasn’t the best week and in particular, not the best end to the week from Good Friday onwards.  The only saving grace – I was feeling poorly over most of Easter and so the good news is I probably didn’t partake in quite as much scrummy food as I would have done had I been feeling 100%.

My weigh-in was a day late (having been at the Outlaws yesterday) and so I dragged the scales out this morning with some dread it has to be said.  I was not expecting a loss.  In fact it crossed my mind that even a 2lb gain would be a lucky escape.

So, at week 15 how did I do?  Day 99 and 1lb off = 9lbs loss in total.

Not sure how that has happened if I’m honest, but I’ll take it and run (metaphorically speaking)… however, must try harder this week.

What’s going to stop me?  Well it is half term and that means MasterB and friends are going to be around with tempting treats and days out (hopefully if the weather nice enough) with picnics – much self control is needed.

Come on, I really really REALLY want to have lost one stone by holiday time.

In the words of a friend:  ‘FOCUS WOMAN, FOCUS!

Until next time…

Carpe Diem x

To find out how my weight-loss journey has gone from week one, you can read my up-dates here…