Summer holiday thanks…

Barnaby in Greece

I haven’t blogged much this year, but one thing I did want to document was how fab the summer holidays were… in more ways than one.

We packed lots in to six weeks including an amazeballs holiday in Greece at THE most exclusive hotel like ever; some great trips to the beach hut on gorgeous sunny days (woooo wasn’t the weather a beaut once it got started); more games of crazy golf than I care to add up (always seems to start out with lots of enthusiasm, but by about hole three, lost interest – or is that just MasterB?); fun at the Dorset Water Park at Corfe Castle (thanks lovely friend for taking B with you); a week in Norfolk with my mum and the dogs – again we had great weather and so got out and about lots, sat outside drinking Pimms and cocktails (yum) and had several BBQ’s; had an over-nighter in Milton Keynes for the boys to go and see the one and only Dan TDM on tour, lunch dates, fireworks and lots more.  Phewie.

Jumping in the pool

We’ve even got a Segway experience still to come as well as a rib ride for MasterB and MrD to enjoy departing from Southampton *note to self, must get on and book these*.

But more than that I wanted to say to my lovely boy, for I have no doubt you will read this at some point (not sure when, but you will eventually) what a wonderful time I had with you.

It really was fantastic spending time together (well except when you were upstairs on your computer, but you know what I mean).  We had fun together and laughed and joked around so much – one time in Greece so much, that both of us were struggling to breathe we were literally laughing so much.

We spent a lot of time together and yet rarely fell out (well again excepting the whole bedtime thing that drags on and on and on grrrrrrr) but we do have a special relationship that I cherish.  I think you have reached the age (grand old age of 11) where we laugh about things and enjoy each other’s company – even though your hormones are raging!!

Thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful boy who I have a giggle with every single day.  Your cuddles and love mean the world to me (slushy I know but there I’ve said it) and the summer hols have been the best time.

You started a new school year yesterday – yikes year 7 bring it on – and I wish you all the best.  As I said to you ‘work hard, enjoy, and do your best‘ – the rest will come to you.

To fond memories of Summer 2016.

Splash in Greece


Carpe Diem x

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