Dame Judi Dench – when you’re in good company…

I don’t know about you but I love and admire Judi Dench – I think she is an amazing actress as well as being incredible for her age – I mean who wouldn’t want to look like her and have her enthusiasm and passion for life at 81?

AND she only goes and gets her first ever tattoo on her 81st birthday no less!!

Dame Judi Dench

‘CARPE DIEM’ – it’s her motto in life!Β  Woohooo how fabulous is that.

Seize the day, or Seize each day.

Her daughter gave it to her (or I guess paid for her to have it done) for her 81st birthday – what a present and how totally cool is she.

If I wasn’t so totally scared of the pain, I might even be tempted… but can’t actually ever see that happening.

Two of my loveliest friends posted the article straight to my Facebook knowing that this would totally resonate with me, which of course it did and brought a huge smile to my face.Β  Thank you to them and they so know who they are.

Thank you Dame Judi for bringing me back to my roots and embracing what my whole blog is about – seizing each and every day.

Oh and her birthday is the day after mine … although it has to be said she’s a few years ahead of me.

Go forth my lovely friends and Carpe Diem x

This image was borrowed from the BBC News




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