50 (wonderful) years of marriage…

50 yearsof marriage

Not only did we celebrate Easter at the weekend (hooray chocolate… boo lots of calories put on) but it was MrD’s parents’ Golden wedding anniversary too – that’s 50 years!!!

For some of us, we haven’t even reached the ripe old age of 50 yet, so to contemplate 50 years of being married to one person is quite difficult to comprehend.

We were invited up to the outlaws (as I like to call them) for a small family celebration.

My MIL had put out their wedding album – not something I had ever seen before.  Actually thinking about it I’d never even seen a wedding picture of them; not something they have on display.  It was so lovely looking through it and oooohing and aaaaahing over how young they both were (21 and 22), how slim and pretty (the MIL, not the FIL), the style of clothes worn (she had a lovely wedding dress by the way), hairstyles, relatives who are now much older too and describing and showing all of this to MasterB.  As well as all the photos being in black and white (heaven forbid to an 11 year old!).  Interested for a bit and then wandered off… but I was totally mesmerized by it all.  I was so pleased she’d put it out for us all to look at.

It was so wonderful to see, and amazing to think and know that they HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 50 YEARS!!

I can’t quite believe it.  Imagine the changes they have seen and been through together.  The 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, 90’s, the new millennium and on.

Wow!  Sooooo many changes.  And yet still together after all this time.

MrD and I are in our 16th year of marriage (17 years this October) which is pretty good going, but 50!

People change so much in a lifetime and it’s amazing to think that they have managed to grow together.  Held the same beliefs in important issues that would have affected their two children growing up (or at least managed to agree on the parenting thing, which can at times be testing) and their union together as a couple, and yet at the same time remaining individuals with their own personalities, beliefs and feelings, drive and enthusiasm for life.

I have no doubt they’ll have had their ups and downs as we all do, but to be able to celebrate 50 years to the day of your marriage really is something quite special.  Huge congratulations to them!

My own parents, would have celebrated their own 50th wedding anniversary last year, but I’m sad to say that my dad is no longer with us and so they didn’t quite make it.  I love my mum dearly and so send her huge hugs just thinking about it.

I didn’t take any pictures and probably wouldn’t have posted them here anyway, but just wanted to record a momentous event, as I really do think it’s something quite special.

celebrating 50 years of marriage

Here here to them and ‘Cheers‘.

Carpe Diem x






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