My Captured Moment #24

I missed last week, but if you follow my blog you will know that I love linking up with Heledd who blogs over at Running in Lavender with her linky ‘My Captured Moment’.

This is where you link up with a photo or a series of photos that have captured a special moment in time – one or ones you haven’t and won’t ever forget.

It’s my favourite linky because it makes me think back to such special times and I always end up with a great big fat grin on my face.

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My Captured Moment #24

Seeing snow for the first time

Awww little MasterB’s face!

This was the first time he saw snow and it was Christmas-time 2005 – he was in complete awe and I was soooo excited for him.

I don’t think he really knew what to make of it, but I do love this photo of us outside our old house.  We had just got back from a family day of Christmas shopping in Bournemouth when it started to snow, so it was ‘Quick! Photo opportunity time!!

Another one to treasure and a perfectly captured moment.

Carpe Diem x

Running in Lavender




7 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #24

  1. Isn’t it magical when it snows at Christmas time!? I remember it was a white christmas back in 2009 too, when I was expecting Lili – such a wonderful time. I wonder if we’ll have some magic this year too? This picture is so cute and as you say Baby B’s face is gorgeous! Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx


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