My Captured Moment #23

If you follow my blog you will know that I love linking up with Heledd who blogs over at Running in Lavender with her linky ‘My Captured Moment’.

This is where you link up with a photo or a series of photos that have captured a special moment in time – one or ones you haven’t and won’t ever forget.

It’s my favourite linky because it makes me think back to such special times and I always end up with a great big fat grin on my face.

I shared this week’s picture over on my Instagram gallery earlier in the week and it reminded me what a gorgeous shot it is of a happy day.

My Captured Moment #23


Just look at this for a truly happy picture with great memories.

Me and my wonderful mum.

This was taken (a while back) when we lived out in the country and we were all taking a walk down the lane from our house to the pub.  Mum and I having such a giggle.

I absolutely love this picture of us both.

Love you mum xxx

Carpe Diem x


Running in Lavender

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