Toys R Us… and tears!

Well I wasn’t expecting that.

I took a visit to Toys R Us earlier today.  I wanted to pop in and get a voucher for a birthday that was coming up.

I haven’t been in store for quite some time.

Toys R Us voucher

With MasterB being a tween and all that, it’s not necessarily somewhere I think of to go to purchase presents from and I don’t think I’ve been in since he was around nine (it might even have been before).

As soon as I walked in the smell of the place engulfed me.  You know different places have a certain smell (just like houses do) and I guess Toys R Us have their own unique smell.

As I started to walk down the first aisle it hit me.

I missed this place.

Oh my goodness am I actually saying I miss the madness that is Toys R Us? 

That’s a first!!

How I remember many a stressful stint at this wonderful establishment – full to the brim of toys, games, dvds, lego and everything-else conceivable that a child would love and WANT like NOW!!  And the long drawn out attempts to get said child out of the establishment!  Many a stressful visit was had.

Anyway I digress…

lego figures

I was suddenly overcome with emotion (and yes I’m an emotional wreck that cries at just about anything it’s true), but this really got to me.

I felt sad.  Sad and melancholy for days and years gone by – that would never return.

Sad for the days when MrD and I would trawl the aisles for birthday and Christmas presents for MasterB.  And get excited when we knew we had found just the right thing that he would love.

Sad and emotional for those long lost days when he would beg to be taken to Toys R Us just so he could drive around in the little sit-in cars… whilst causing mayhem of course!

Sad for the after-school days that we would pop there just because.

Sad because it hit me that my little darling boy had grown up into a tween!

How did that happen?

When did that happen?

I never thought I’d miss Toys R Us, but I did and I do.

As I was there I thought I might as well have a little wander (hmmm stuff had been moved around a bit too which was a tad confusing for my little brain) and I picked up a couple of other presents and one for MasterB.  So there was still space and a role for Toys R Us in my life.

It didn’t take away the feeling though – the knowledge that those days were gone never to be re-visited.  I know I’ve said it before, but it goes to prove that every moment of our children’s childhood should be treasured; yep even going to Toys R Us.

How weird is that haha?!

Do you feel like this when you visit certain places and it brings back fond memories of when your children were little?

Carpe Diem x

4 thoughts on “Toys R Us… and tears!

  1. Oh my goodness I have not visited Toys R Us in years. We kitted out our nursery from Babies R Us so I was always in there. I would wander up and down the aisles with the now teen in his buggy. I used to get excited that they would be open till about 11pm in the run up to Christmas. Yep I miss those days too xx

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