Baby French Lop rabbits – introducing the newest members of the family

If you read my post, French Lop rabbits you’ll already know that we were looking forward to welcoming two baby French Lop bunnies to our family.

Well, I’m pleased to say that we are now a family of seven – MrD, MasterB, Kipster, Dilly (also known as the mog), and our two new buns… oh and of course myself.

So before the exciting day of picking them up came, names had to be discussed.

A lot of disagreement ensued (I didn’t think we were ever all going to agree)… however, we finally agreed to go down the ‘French‘ route, seeing as they’re French Lops.

So without further ado, may I introduce our darling Pierre…

Pierre the french lop

and of course our little girlie, Fleur…

Fleur the french lop

Oh my, they are sooooooooooo cute!

On the day of pick up we met their mum’s and dads (both from different litters, but born days apart) who are all HOOOOGE but absolutely gorgeous, giving us an idea as to how big our babies are going to get – eeeeek!!

We were lucky enough to have found an exceptional breeder, clearly knowing all there is to know about French Lops and so we knew straight away we were in safe hands with our babies.

They have both proved to be absolutely delightful and beyond our expectations, having settled into life with us so well and becoming the best of friends (now called brother and sister) as this picture shows…

Fleur and Pierre the french lops

Can you actually believe how adorable they are.  I can’t.  And they’re soooooo soft too!

They met for the first time on the journey home from Ross-on-Wye when I sat with them both on my lap having snuggles for three hours.  I think this actually worked really well for them to bond both with each other and me.  Luckily we didn’t have any accidents on the way home, although we did have pee pads (puppy training pads) just in case.

They really are the friendliest pair and absolutely love being fussed and stroked.

People don’t realise just how friendly rabbits are.

Fleur and Pierre

Every day they come in to the house for cuddles and a bit of fussing and then they sprawl out on their throw on the sofa and have a little snooze.  Awwww it’s just so cute.

We all love them to bits already, although MasterB is having a bit of a reaction to them at the moment which we are hoping is just to their ultra soft and fluffy baby fur.  He’s having to take an anti-histamine before touching them which is doing the job just fine, but we’re hoping once they molt and lose their baby fur he will be much better (fingers crossed).

They’ve also adapted to having a dog around them very well too.  A little unsure and nervous to start with, they’ve both taken it in their stride and now don’t take much notice of Kipster at all.  Kipster on the other hand is absolutely beside herself.  She loves rabbits and becomes very excited around them.  She wouldn’t hurt them, but I think wants to play with them – not sure they’ll have any of that to be honest, but she’s not giving up.

Kipster watching the bunnies

Kipster watching the new bunnies with interest…

I’ll be talking a lot more about our baby bunnies in the forthcoming weeks as to how they’re settling, growing and the new home we’ve made for them, so keep a watch out for those blog posts.

Do you have rabbits or ever had rabbits?  They really do make such good pets.

Carpe Diem x

Pierre and Fleur our French Lop rabbits are ten weeks old in these pictures.  Due to their large breed they are already around the size of a normal rabbit.  They will reach between 9-13 pounds in weight.

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